Social networking sites in internal security challenges

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  1. Media is powerful tool of communication, source of information on any issue. It help promoting right thing at right time and give real exposure to the mass audience about what is right or wrong.
  2. People rely and trust on what is presented to them by media. Media is thus influential & instrumental tool in building confidence or mistrust.
  3. Publicity is oxygen of terrorism, undue coverage, ability of these groups to influence public opinion w/o corresponding responsibility exaggerate the problem
  4. Media & Politics have strong connections- It not only provide information to public but also provide feedback to politics. Political actors thus work in an environment shaped by media. Media serves as checkpoint.
  5. Policy objective of political / military leaders shapes national security. War is not only fought on ground but also on border areas by taking advantage of communication vaccum.
  6. Electronic media is powerful tool for mass motivation. It has provided opportunity to become author.
  7. relation with pak/china already strained, misinfo, mis perception , over analysis further risk such relations.
  8. about 2/3 of Indians spend time online, India forcing foreign websites to fall in line with Indian law- no mood - some refuse - while US has ask to keep internet free from government intervention.
  9. Recent incident in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia - more democratic - empower citizen - yet vulnerable of being used by terrorist, extremist to transmit hate speech , propagate their agenda.
  10. Assam violence , Anna Hazaree - India Against Corruption, recruitment to ISIS after contacting through social media websites.
  11. Reaction of government - removed fake PM a/c, ban some website
  12. India has always overlooked security treat through social media sites. Extremist may take advantage - need to change mindset
  13. Social media analysis generated Intelligence (SOCMINT)
  14. Social Media Lab by mumbai police
  15. censorship and crackdown can only be interim solution.