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Current Affairs

  • Major Current events and happenings of State(Rajsathan), National and International Importance
  • Persons and Places in recent news
  • Games and Sports related Activities

India and Global Perspective

India in Global Perspective

  • Current Global Developments impeaching upon Society and Economy of India.
  • Emerging World Order in the Post Cold War Era, Role and Impact of UNO and different world Organisations.
  • Comparative status of Developing, Emerging and Developed Countries,Problems of Developing Countries.
  • Threat of War and Disastrous Weapons, Risks of Nuclear Power.

Global Economic issues and trends

  • Issue of Economic Imbalances.
  • Role of World Bank, IMF WTO & other Important International Organisations in world Economy
  • Impacts of Globalisation, Privatisation, Liberalisation,

International Affair and Diplomatic Strategy

  • International Affair and Indian Foreign Policy.
  • International Treaties and Summits.
  • Geo–Political and Strategic Developments in India’s Neighborhood and their Impact on India.

Current Sensitive Issues

  • Issues related to National Integrity and Security :Potential areas of Socio-political conflicts between and within Indian States,Traditional, Contemporary and Emerging Threats; Internal and External Threats; Threats of Conflicts,Naxal Problems, Terrorism, Trans-border Infiltration and Insurgency Issues,Communalism, Organised crimes, Cyber issues, Drug trafficking and other such issues.
  • Governance Issues : Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, Current Social Challenges, Issues related to Youth, Women, Children, Old Age People, Minority, Weaker Sections, Tribal, Farmers, Labourers and Professionals in India and Rajasthan. Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Human Rights, Social Justice, Land Acquisition. Challenges pertaining to Urbanisation, Demographic imbalances, Regional imbalances and Social Conflicts.
  • Pressure Groups and Organisational Development:-Role of NGOs, Civil Society, Action Groups, Activities of Self Help Groups; Producer’s Associations, Consumer Forums,Cooperative Groups.

Possibilities, Resources and Programmes for Development in Rajasthan

  • Important Issues of Development with Special Reference to Rajasthan
  • Infrastructure & Resources of Rajasthan - Current Status, Issues & Initiatives
  • Various National Missions, Projects and Schemes of Rajasthan- Their Objectives and Impact.

General & Administrative Management

  • Management, Administration and Public Management: Meaning, Nature and Importance; Theories of Management and Work Leadership; Functions of Management : Planning, Organization, Staffing, Coordination, Direction, Motivation, Communication and Control.
  • Concept of Power and Authority, Responsibility and Delegation.
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • New dimensions of Public Management, Management of Change.

Administrative Ethics

  • Ethics and Human Interface: Essence, Determinants and Consequences of Ethics in human actions; Dimensions of Ethics; Ethics in Private and Public Relationships.
  • Aptitude and Foundational Value of Civil Services : integrity, impartiality and non-partisanship,objectivity,dedication to public service, empathy, tolerance and compassion towards the weaker sections.
  • Emotional Intelligence : concepts and their utilities and application in administration and governance.
  • Strengthening of Moral values in Governance and Public Administration.