Linkages of organized crime with terrorism

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Terrorism & organized crime has symbotic relationship.

Terrorism - commonly in developing countries with varying level of org crime, they are politically motivated, use violent means to change government.
Organized crime - commonly in developed countries with little or no terrorist activity. They are economically motivated, do not seek to change in government but run parallel government. They do not use violence but use odd means.

Linkage between terrorism and organized crime

  • organized crime involves many actitities its linkage with terrorism stem from illegal trafficking of drugs, arms , humans and money laundering.
  • Terrorist group whether indigenous or sponsored by other state need money and arms for their survival. Organized crime support terrorist, treat them as clients & couriers, who can smuggle drug , arms and human across the international borders.
  • Linakge could be national or international level.

North- East Militants

  • all militant group run parallel government.
  • Have area of influence
  • collect money directly
  • bribe/threaten government officers to award contract
  • govt. fund reach militants due to mis governance
  • essential commodities like rice , sugar, kerosene reach militant group and sold at higher price
  • cycle of organized crime & terrorism within india
  • Cox's bazaar - routes by militants - drug, arms , human etc


  • Linkage at international level
  • no parallel govt., govt fund do not reach terrorist.
  • no method of internal fund generation.
  • external fund, mostly from Pakistan and other Islamic countries through hawala, counterfeit money
  • besides , Kashmir and NE , sporadic incidents like Bombay blast , Mumbai terror attack had linkages with organized crime.