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Universal Ethical Principles

  • Compassion; concern for the well-being of others.
  • Non-malfeasance; avoiding inflicting suffering and hardship on others.
  • Beneficence; preventing and alleviating others’ suffering; meeting the needs of the most vulnerable; promoting others’ happiness (strongest toward our family and friends).
  • Fairness; treating people the way they deserve to be treated; as having equal rights unless merit or need justifies special treatment.
  • Courage; in opposing injustice.
  • Respect for individual autonomy; not manipulating rational individuals even for their own good.
  • Respect; for the Constitution and other laws enacted by legitimate governing bodies.
  • Honesty; not deceiving anyone who deserves to know the truth.
  • Keeping promises; that we made freely.
  • Integrity; upholding our obligations in spite of personal inconvenience.

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