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Complete Environment notes from NIOS

Few NCERT take away after Environment notes after NIOS

Annual Report MoEF 2015-16

Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS) or Bonn Convention

Intensification of Forest Management Scheme

National Action Plan on Climate Change

Act/Ministries and environment action

Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)

For small objective questions

Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill

Montreal Protocol

NGT bans 10 year old diesel vehicles in Delhi

Eco-sensitive zones and eco-fragile zones

TSR Subramanian's Green law panel

Tiger Report 2014


Wetland Convention (Ramsar Convention)

Biodiversity Act 2000

Kyoto Protocol

Aichi Targets‎

Nagoya Genetic Resources Protocol

Cartagena Biosafety Protocol

Copenhagen Accord


Environmental impact assessment

The Environment (Protection) Act

List of Critically endangered Birds and Animals in India

Achievement of MoEF

National Agroforestry Policy


  • From Economic Survey
Vol-2 Chapter 8 : Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Vol-1 Chapter 9 : From Carbon Subsidy to Carbon Tax : India's Green Actions

India's Stand on Climate Change

  • India committed to reduce emissions
  • challenges of climate change cannot be addressed unless poverty is eradicated through economic growth.
  • India has right to grow
  • emission has not been created by the developing nations and hence the responsibility for addressing it should not be solely put on them
  • bloc of four biggest emerging economies - Brazil, South Africa, India and China - has consistently been articulating developing countries' point of view at every forum while seeking bigger actions from rich nations to cut down emissions
  • “land degradation neutral” by 2030

Some Short News

  • By 2020, all telecom companies have been directed to adopt hybrid power for 75 per cent rural towers and 33 per cent of urban towers.
  • Bor Sanctuary, New Bor Sanctuary and the New Bor Extended Wildlife Sanctuary notified as core/critical tiger habitat of a tiger reserve. Bor is in Maharashtra
  • Baster tribal's rituals preserve Boma hills and forests.
  • Uttar Pradesh government has notified the Pilibhit Wildlife Sanctuary as a tiger reserve with effect from June 9, 2014. The upgrade in the status is expected to strengthen the ongoing tiger conservation efforts in the state. The third tiger reserve in UP after Dudhwa, which was notified in 1987, and Amangarh Tiger Reserve in Bijnor, notified in 2012, the consolidated forest ranges of Mala, Mahof, Barahi, Deoria and Haripur will serve as the Pilibhit tiger reserve.
  • India's first solar-powered water treatment unit — at Tsiesema village near Kohima
  • Haryana makes solar power mandatory for certain buildings
  • Bor Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra will become the country's 47th Tiger Reserve with Environment Ministry notifying it as a tiger reserve with an aim to strengthen the conservation efforts of the national animal.
  • In India, the forest cover has grown by 5871 square kilometres, of which Bengal recorded a growth of 3871 square kilometres and Odisha 1444 square kilometres
  • The northeastern states, which account for one-fourth of the country's forest cover, recorded a net decline of 627 sq km in 2013 compared to the assessment of green cover in 2011.
  • Among bigger states, Andhra Pradesh lost the maximum 273 sq km of forest cover whereas Madhya Pradesh lost 178 sq km of green patch in two years.

Development and Environment can go together

  • democracy is not able to deal with something which pay off in long term
  • ministry of environment and forests is trying to redefine what violates forest, so that more forest can be open for mining
  • plans to increase height of sardar sarover dam
  • enviro protection and developmental activities shall go together.
  • Long term happiness of human is not captured by gdp growth
  • net present value of forest is not adequately factored into gdp
  • compensatory afforestation in requires rising plantation of one of few alien spices. Such artificial forest are not substitute for dense * forest in most biological active regions such as western Ghats.
  • Mandala of Ecology is that ecology which closes the loop.
  • If government applies Mandala of Ecology to everything from recycling to curtailing pollution, it will generate lot of employment and reduce carbon foot prints.
  • Atmosphere is common pool of Co2
  • Economics and Ecology has origin from greek, Economics means Science of Home resources , where as environment is Science of Home Environment.
  • Ecologist, engineers and Economist need to synergise effect and adopt alternative projects which causes less harm to environment

Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh received world heritage site, is characterized by high alpine peaks, alpine meadows and riverine forests. The 90,540 ha property includes the upper mountain glacial and snow melt water source origins of several rivers, and the catchments of water supplies that are vital to millions of downstream users. The GHNPCA protects the monsoon-affected forests and alpine meadows of the Himalayan front ranges. It is part of the Himalaya biodiversity hotspot and includes 25 forest types along with a rich assemblage of fauna species, several of which are threatened. This gives the site outstanding significance for biodiversity conservation.

NGT has power of Court

  • NGT can exercise the powers of judicial review and examine the validity of notification issued under different laws.
  • Tribunal is like a civil court and satisfies all the stated features for acting as an independent judicial tribunal with complete and comprehensive power.
  • MoEF is merely an administrative ministry for NGT
  • Ministry cannot interfere, all the appointments and transfers are under effective control of SC.
  • MoEF had last year declined to give NGT the authority to take suo motu cognizance, reminding that it is a tribunal.
  • NGT chairperson has power to transfer cases from one bench to another.

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