Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill

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  • will replace CAMPA (compulsory afforestation management & planning authority) which was adhoc in nature.
  • will utilize fund collected by various state government for compensatory afforestation.
  • Utilization of these amounts, will facilitate timely execution of appropriate measures to mitigate impact of diversion of forest land, for which these amounts have been realised. Apart from mitigating the impact of diversion of forest land, utilisation of these amounts will also result in creation of productive assets and generation of huge employment opportunities in rural areas, especially in backward tribal areas.
  • The Bill provides for among other things:-
  1. Establishment of the National CAF and the State CAFs to credit amounts collected by State Governments and Union Territory Administrations to compensate loss of forest land diverted for non-forest purpose.
  2. Constitution of a National Authority to manage and utilise amounts credited to the National CAF.
  3. Constitution of a State Authority in each State and Union Territory to manage and utilise the amounts credited to the State CAFs.
  4. Establishment of a Monitoring Group to assist the National Authority in monitoring and evaluation of activities undertaken from amounts released from the National CAF and State CAFs.


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