Basics of cyber security

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  • Internet is controlled predominantly by US and internet governance policies are heavily influenced by US.
  • US has previously spied on Brazilian and Indian Government.
  • All domain names are mange and by ICANN, which is operated by veriSign, a US government contractor. US can seize user sites or domains anywhere in world.
  • Data held by companies are subject to surveillance.
  • Co-ordination between technology and law and governance on the other hand has become problem. India has failed to control unrestricted access of pornographic material.

Cyber Security & India

  • Cyber security awareness of both users and law enforcement agency is low. With the objective of increasing awareness of consumers of electronics, GOI has declared the electronic items like PC , tablet, mobile should contain cyber security brochures containing information on cyber security.
  • India is presently facing threat of :
1. Cyber - warfare - politically motivated hack, sabotage, threat from Al-Qaeda, ISIS, hate message
2. Cyber-terrorism - act of deliberate disruption of network by virus
3. Cyber-espionage - cyber spying obtaining info, PRISM
  • India do not have any "Critical information Infrastructure protection agency"


  • Developing independent networks to address issue of dominance of US and monopoly enjoyed by ICANN
  • A German organization Open Root Server Network is at present operating a service, user have to modify DNS of their access device.

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